A couple of months ago I attended a women’s conference in Dallas, TX. A girlfriend sent me the flyer and I knew no matter what, I had to be in that building. Once I clicked the link to register, I was met with a $200 registration fee. At that point, I stared at the screen thinking I cannot afford this! I logged off and said to myself, maybe next year. I forwarded the flyer to another girlfriend I knew was having an extremely tough time. I thought, hopefully she will attend and while there, get the reassurance that everything is going to be ok and get the push to keep fighting. After I sent her the flyer, she called me and thanked me for sending the info and asked if I was going. I was too embarrased to say I couldn’t afford it, so I just said “you know it”. She said, “you’ve been such a blessing to me and my son, you’ve talked me through some tough and dark moments, I want to pay for your ticket as a small token of appreciation.” I said no and she insisted.

Fast forward, we attend the conference and it is more than even I could’ve ever imagined. I left that place feeling bold, brave, resilient, and most of all whole.

While there, I bought a card holder that says “SHE IS FEARLESS”. It is a reminder on days where I am concerned, overwhelmed, or feeling defeated to keep moving. A reminder to believe in myself and to be FEARLESS!

What is something you hold onto as a reminder to keep going?

Happy Holidays. xoxo.