Age Limit

There was a time when we thought we would have it all by the age of 30. Every box had to be checked off by then, otherwise you wouldn’t feel successful. College degree, a great paying job in your field of study, the home of your dreams, the man/woman of your dreams and the children […]

Vacation time

Lately I have really been wanting to go somewhere, anywhere! With inflation happening worldwide, flights, hotels and rentals are ridiculous right now. So, I did exactly what I do best, I took a first-class ticket out of town through a book. I read my way through Spain, ate at the most amazing restaurants, saw some […]


In life understanding is so important. A difference of opinion is just that, a difference. If you take the time to not only listen but also ask questions, you will more than likely find understanding in someone else’s opinion. Understanding is the key to resolve. Resolution is the key to successful relationships. That is the […]

Mental Wars

Inner woes. There is a such thing as having an internal battle within yourself; don’t you hate that! A lot can be happening in your mind while in reality nothing at all is going on. That’s a tough space to get out of; that kind of mental space is dangerous for any working person. You […]


Everybody has something that will either keep them going or make them quit. Recently, I’ve been having these random conversations with strangers. All of these conversations have been about their “why”, why they have chosen a particular career path or why they chose to change it. In my most recent conversation, we were discussing family, […]