Age Limit

There was a time when we thought we would have it all by the age of 30. Every box had to be checked off by then, otherwise you wouldn’t feel successful. College degree, a great paying job in your field of study, the home of your dreams, the man/woman of your dreams and the children to go with it. In this world, there are really some people who have all of that. If you are one of the people who doesn’t, don’t worry! Most people have figured out that it is ok not to “have it all”. Some are checking other boxes like breaking the cycle of generational curses. Some have taken the journey of restructuring their mental state into something stronger and more resilient than ever. No matter what age, never be afraid of ‘BETTER”. Never quit! There is no “Age Limit” on growth.


Vacation time

Lately I have really been wanting to go somewhere, anywhere! With inflation happening worldwide, flights, hotels and rentals are ridiculous right now. So, I did exactly what I do best, I took a first-class ticket out of town through a book. I read my way through Spain, ate at the most amazing restaurants, saw some beautiful buildings and held great conversations. This helped take my mind off any unnecessary stressful events happening around me. I was more calm after, my work week flowed very well and life was great! OH! It didn’t cost a dime! So anytime you feel overwhelmed, grab a book and go!


In life understanding is so important. A difference of opinion is just that, a difference. If you take the time to not only listen but also ask questions, you will more than likely find understanding in someone else’s opinion. Understanding is the key to resolve. Resolution is the key to successful relationships. That is the key to life, successful relationships full of understanding for one another.

Mental Wars

Inner woes. There is a such thing as having an internal battle within yourself; don’t you hate that! A lot can be happening in your mind while in reality nothing at all is going on. That’s a tough space to get out of; that kind of mental space is dangerous for any working person. You have to find a way to focus on what’s in front of you while your mind is going a ninety to nothing. This week in particular, for me, has been about accomplishing what I can and trying not to overthink or worry about the rest. I have literally had to set the smallest of goals just to finish one or two things and feel like I completed a task. Do you or anyone you know have this issue? How do you or they deal?


Everybody has something that will either keep them going or make them quit. Recently, I’ve been having these random conversations with strangers. All of these conversations have been about their “why”, why they have chosen a particular career path or why they chose to change it.

In my most recent conversation, we were discussing family, and that being the reason for an immediate career change. She stated how her previous position was fulfilling in spirit but not in finances. She went from working for a mega church to having a breakout year as a real estate agent. Simply put, her having a need for schedule flexibility and financial increase pushed her into a passion she wasn’t aware of. Are you thinking about making a change? Why? Have you thought out all pros and cons? Let’s have a chat about it.

All about you in 2022!!

What are your new year goals? Did you make any resolutions where you would be giving up anything? This year I’m dedicating the entire year to self-improvement. I decided that I would actually focus on knocking out goals daily instead of monthly. I don’t know about you, but I’m encouraged by small victories. I have started with getting an accountability partner. Have you ever heard the saying “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”? My accountability partner takes her job VERY SERIOUS. I not only get multiple mid-day calls, but I also get reminder texts and I even got a package delivered that will help me stay on track. I also have to report to her at the end of my day and we discuss what was done vs what wasn’t, and why. With her on my side, I know it will be a successful year. What are some ways you keep yourself on task? Do you have a partner?


A couple of months ago I attended a women’s conference in Dallas, TX. A girlfriend sent me the flyer and I knew no matter what, I had to be in that building. Once I clicked the link to register, I was met with a $200 registration fee. At that point, I stared at the screen thinking I cannot afford this! I logged off and said to myself, maybe next year. I forwarded the flyer to another girlfriend I knew was having an extremely tough time. I thought, hopefully she will attend and while there, get the reassurance that everything is going to be ok and get the push to keep fighting. After I sent her the flyer, she called me and thanked me for sending the info and asked if I was going. I was too embarrased to say I couldn’t afford it, so I just said “you know it”. She said, “you’ve been such a blessing to me and my son, you’ve talked me through some tough and dark moments, I want to pay for your ticket as a small token of appreciation.” I said no and she insisted.

Fast forward, we attend the conference and it is more than even I could’ve ever imagined. I left that place feeling bold, brave, resilient, and most of all whole.

While there, I bought a card holder that says “SHE IS FEARLESS”. It is a reminder on days where I am concerned, overwhelmed, or feeling defeated to keep moving. A reminder to believe in myself and to be FEARLESS!

What is something you hold onto as a reminder to keep going?

Happy Holidays. xoxo.

Plan ahead.

Back in the middle of summer I was having a random conversation with a guy. We were casually talking in a group setting when someone else chimed in and said “how do you maximize your day?”. He so quickly said, “I plan ahead. I plan out my entire day, what I’ll need to be doing at each hour and I allow myself to deviate from that plan only once per day. By doing that, I am able to get the most out of my days. When I made that a habit, I considered my days successful, when I consider a day successful, I consider myself successful, and when I did that, I became exactly what I not only manifested but what I worked hard for.” I loved that concept! Are you a “plan aheader”? Do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you procrastinate? How do you maximize your day?

Hang in there, it’s almost over.

This is that time of year where things get a little tricky. The new year is approaching and some are still trying to accomplish the goals we set last fall. People are not only gearing up for the holidays but also the final quarter of the year. Just as you set personal goals, business set financial goals. During this time, companies are offering bonuses and other perks to get employees motived to finish in first place. Does your company offer any bonuses? What is keeping you motivated to not only crush personal goals but business goals as well? We have a little over 2 months left in 2021, HANG IN THERE!

Pandemic Problems

Where are the people? Why is no one showing up for work? These are questions we ask in our weekly meetings. Since the pandemic, everything has shifted. Where we once had a more people than jobs, now we have more jobs than people. People are refusing to return to the office and businesses are suffering. We’re having to go back to the drawing board to see how we can appeal to true job seekers. We’ve found that people are still fearful, because let’s be honest, Covid-19 has not went away. The numbers are still on the rise and by now, we all know someone who has been effected by it, if not ourselves. Another reason is, people have found new streams of income. This pandemic has brought out tons of entrepreneurs; that’s not a terrible thing, but that leaves another open position waiting to be filled. What have you done since the pandemic? Has your income been affected? How have you made the adjustment?