Plan ahead.

Back in the middle of summer I was having a random conversation with a guy. We were casually talking in a group setting when someone else chimed in and said “how do you maximize your day?”. He so quickly said, “I plan ahead. I plan out my entire day, what I’ll need to be doing at each hour and I allow myself to deviate from that plan only once per day. By doing that, I am able to get the most out of my days. When I made that a habit, I considered my days successful, when I consider a day successful, I consider myself successful, and when I did that, I became exactly what I not only manifested but what I worked hard for.” I loved that concept! Are you a “plan aheader”? Do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you procrastinate? How do you maximize your day?

Hang in there, it’s almost over.

This is that time of year where things get a little tricky. The new year is approaching and some are still trying to accomplish the goals we set last fall. People are not only gearing up for the holidays but also the final quarter of the year. Just as you set personal goals, business set financial goals. During this time, companies are offering bonuses and other perks to get employees motived to finish in first place. Does your company offer any bonuses? What is keeping you motivated to not only crush personal goals but business goals as well? We have a little over 2 months left in 2021, HANG IN THERE!

Pandemic Problems

Where are the people? Why is no one showing up for work? These are questions we ask in our weekly meetings. Since the pandemic, everything has shifted. Where we once had a more people than jobs, now we have more jobs than people. People are refusing to return to the office and businesses are suffering. We’re having to go back to the drawing board to see how we can appeal to true job seekers. We’ve found that people are still fearful, because let’s be honest, Covid-19 has not went away. The numbers are still on the rise and by now, we all know someone who has been effected by it, if not ourselves. Another reason is, people have found new streams of income. This pandemic has brought out tons of entrepreneurs; that’s not a terrible thing, but that leaves another open position waiting to be filled. What have you done since the pandemic? Has your income been affected? How have you made the adjustment?

Job Fair Pro’s and Con’s

When it comes to job fairs, what isn’t there to love, right? Well there could be a few things, but first, let’s discuss pro’s. A top pro for me is the ability to be seen. We may all think very highly of our businesses but the truth is, not everyone knows who you are. Job fairs are a key place to not only find qualified candidates, but to also show off your business and network with other companies. You have the ability as a “vendor” to arrive a day early for set up; that’s the time to have those one on one conversations with other business owners. Within those conversations you need to have a plan. A plan to briefly explain what you do, hear what they do, and see how you can work together to financially benefit. Another pro is what I previously stated, qualified candidates! A Job Fair is a great place to get a ton of candidates in one place. You’re able to review resumes and conduct a brief interview with the candidate. With everything being virtual, it’s also a plus that you’re in a position to put a face with a name. Now here is a con, sometimes you don’t get the amount of traffic that you hoped for. Depending on weather and sometimes advertising of the event, it just doesn’t work out. As a vendor, you want to participate in Job Fairs that are knows for being “big”, so choose wisely. Another con is competition. There may be another vendor that is hiring for the same position you’re hiring for. You have to make sure that you try to connect with the candidates ASAP! Send them an email saying “thanks for stopping by our booth” or “I have an interview scheduled for you”. Either way, the person is more likely to choose the company with the best offer.


What are your staffing fears? From a business viewpoint, it can be very scary to trust a person/company to bring you the perfect employee. Though there are many benefits in seeking help from a staffing agency, not everyone want’s to go this route. Companies want to have a hand in the hiring process but sometimes they just don’t have the resources or the time; that’s where we step in. Once a company reaches out to us to get rates, that’s our opportunity to not only give them what they’re asking for, but inform them of how we plan on doing so. I find, the more you let them know what’s going on, the more comfortable they become. The goal is not to just “fill the job order” but to place a candidate that fits the requirements of the company and make a temporary position a permanent position.

Let’s Talk Staffing! What staffing options are out there?

1. Direct Hire Staffing- where an employee is brought on as a full-time employee at a company and is not paid by the staffing agency. Direct hire placement is usually used when businesses have a long-term or high-skilled job opening and plan on keeping the staff member permanently.

2. Temporary to Permanent Staffing- with this kind of arrangement, there is an opportunity for the position to become permanent. That means if the company’s needs change after the temporary period, the employee is not eligible to make claims such as wrongful termination or file an unemployment claim against the employer.
3. Contract Staffing- This is exactly what is sounds like, it’s a technique where the companies are hiring on a contract-based commitment.

We’re on roll, so are you!

With skies the limit and the opportunity to follow your dream we have successfully helped put over 50 employees back to work in the areas of Oklahoma and Texas.

Using an employment agency to find where you belong is an excellent idea, because sometimes we just need that one door to open. Working a temp to perm position allows for on the job training, ability to work in various positions, see which of your skillsets you truly want to utilize, or to start an amazing career adventure.

So, don’t hesitate or procrastinate whether or not you want to work with a staffing agency. Get started today your skills are needed.