Job Fair Pro’s and Con’s

When it comes to job fairs, what isn’t there to love, right? Well there could be a few things, but first, let’s discuss pro’s. A top pro for me is the ability to be seen. We may all think very highly of our businesses but the truth is, not everyone knows who you are. Job fairs are a key place to not only find qualified candidates, but to also show off your business and network with other companies. You have the ability as a “vendor” to arrive a day early for set up; that’s the time to have those one on one conversations with other business owners. Within those conversations you need to have a plan. A plan to briefly explain what you do, hear what they do, and see how you can work together to financially benefit. Another pro is what I previously stated, qualified candidates! A Job Fair is a great place to get a ton of candidates in one place. You’re able to review resumes and conduct a brief interview with the candidate. With everything being virtual, it’s also a plus that you’re in a position to put a face with a name. Now here is a con, sometimes you don’t get the amount of traffic that you hoped for. Depending on weather and sometimes advertising of the event, it just doesn’t work out. As a vendor, you want to participate in Job Fairs that are knows for being “big”, so choose wisely. Another con is competition. There may be another vendor that is hiring for the same position you’re hiring for. You have to make sure that you try to connect with the candidates ASAP! Send them an email saying “thanks for stopping by our booth” or “I have an interview scheduled for you”. Either way, the person is more likely to choose the company with the best offer.

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