Whether you are an employer looking to fill a role or a job hunter searching for employment, working with a recruiting agency is a worthwhile partnership that is advantageous to the hiring process. Here are 10 reasons working with a staffing agency is beneficial to both employers and job searchers.

A staffing agency saves time

Finding the perfect role within an organization takes time. Between sifting through job search engines and filling out lengthy applications, finding a job can become a part-time gig! If you are in the C-suite and looking to fill a gap in your team, your schedule leaves little space for reading cover letters and interviewing candidates that aren’t the right fit for your company. You can remain focused on your quarterly goals while the recruiting agency devotes their time to matching your company with potential employees.

Utilizes connections

Recruiters have a database full of connections, which helps to streamline the process. Whether you’re looking for a qualified candidate or are hunting for your next job, your network grows exponentially when paired with a local staffing agency. It’s all about who you know and it’s a recruiter’s job to facilitate connections and start relationships.

Introduces opportunity

Not all available jobs are posted on job boards. Without utilizing a recruiting agency, you will miss out on opportunities by solely relying on websites and search engines. Some companies don’t use job search sites but choose to exclusively list with a staffing agency. Increase the opportunities in your reach by teaming up with an agency and unlocking their job list.

Opens a database

If your company needs another salesperson, parking attendant, or receptionist, you will have access to the recruiter’s database of candidates. If you’re looking for a job, it’s a plus for you, too! If you don’t find the perfect fit right away, your résumé will be kept in an organized pool so when a future position comes open that aligns with your qualifications and goals, the agency will pull your résumé to the top!

Provides advice

Permanent and temporary staffing agencies offer guidance through the process and insight into expectations, unwritten rules and trends. It’s a relief to have an expert on your side that can answer questions and clear up any uncertainties. You’re not alone and having an experienced agency in your corner ensures that your job hunt or candidate search is efficient and effective.

Allows for self-improvement

If you are looking for employment, the relationship with your recruiter can not only help with finding a job but they can prep you to be a better candidate for potential openings. Maybe you’re not the best interviewee or your résumé lacks crucial details, your recruiter can offer tips and tactics regarding interviews, résumés, cover letters, and salary negotiations and can even provide pointers regarding a potential employer and their company.

Offers feedback

Temp staffing agencies truly want to align employers and candidates to make the best possible match, satisfying everyone’s goals. A recruiter will be honest about expectations and can clearly tell you what to expect from the experience.

Shares resources

Working with a recruiter gives you access to their industry knowledge and expert opinion. Depending on the size of the staffing agency, a recruiter will have experience placing hundreds to thousands of employees in roles that organizations need to fill. Recruiting agencies are familiar with the process and if your agency focuses on a niche such as engineering or manual labor, even better! Their specialized expertise will only do you a favor!

Saves money

Saving time means saving money! Instead of employing additional individuals to handle the search for new qualified candidates, save the money for worthwhile investments that will benefit the future of the organization. Don’t waste money on advertisements and allotted hours for current staff to do pre-screening assessments and initial interviews. Let the experts get the ball rolling before you get involved!

Reserves energy

Not only are you saving time and money by working with a staffing agency but you are reserving your energy for continuing to build up the company. Focus on the organization while the recruiter places attention on finding you the candidate that best fits your culture. Let the recruiter do the work and come in at the end to review the final candidates. It can be an exhausting process; save up your energy for the final interviews.

If you are looking to fill the gap in your sales team to enhance productivity or are searching for your next job to further your career, a recruiter can help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent placement, a staffing agency can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process on both sides of the table.

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